I started my Olympic manis with a gold, and I’m also ending with a gold. After all the polishes with brushed metallic finishes, I wanted my last to be something more festive. 🙂 China Glaze Blonde Bombshell (Eye Candy, Winter 2011) is a mix of yellow gold glitter in a clear base:

Picture taken in sunlight. Like the rest from this collection, this is a glitterbomb that can build to opacity on its own. I used three coats, with the first going on pretty sheer, then becoming totally opaque by the third. It’s a thick-looking mani, but that’s to be expected. The formula gets thicker as you continue to work with it (at least if you’re using your bottle for the first time), so if you’re the type to complete a mani one hand a time, the first coat on your first hand will be considerably more sheer than the first coat on your second hand. After one coat of Poshe the finish feels a little rough, but its not a topcoat-eater. Suspended in the clear base is a mix of fine glitter and tiny hexagonal glitter. The hexagonal pieces are nowhere near the size of hexagonal sequins but they’re big enough to provide a noticeable contrast to the fine glitter, creating a more dimensional finish. While this isn’t my preferred shade of gold (it’s very, very yellow-toned), I love the sparkle factor and the jewel-encrusted look. I paired this with Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz (Xtreme Wear) on my toes.

One thing I loved during these Olympics (aside from all the sports, of course) was seeing the female athletes show the love for their country on their nails! Whether it was simply using the colors of their flag or more elaborate designs, it was great to see nail polish used to display national pride. 😀