The last of the polishes I had to try from this great metallic collection was China Glaze Millennium (Khrome, Winter 2009), a pure silver metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in natural light. (Click to see it less blurry in full-size.) The formula was smooth and pigmented; I got full, even coverage in two coats, over two coats of basecoat. Although it doesn’t necessarily go with my skintone, I really like silver nail polish; often times I prefer it over gold. I love this shade; true silver can look so bright! This has a really futuristic vibe to it. At a quick glance this does look like molten silver on the nail. I hardly wear any jewelry so with this type of polish on I kind of feel like I am. I’m glad to have finally tried this collection! Since the formula shows every flaw on the nail, I wanted to wait for my nails to be free of any ridges and dents. I wasn’t too keen on the formula at first, but after finding the right techniques to make it work without excessive bubbles and brushstrokes, I totally came around. I particularly love the last three I tried. I still prefer the foil-type metallics, for the sparkly factor, but it’s great how the very fine shimmer in this keeps the finish from looking frosty, while still preserving the look of a “regular” metallic finish. I paired this with OPI Russian Navy Suede with topcoat on my toes.