This collection is mostly made up of different shades of gold, silver and bronze. The colorful exception is China Glaze Metallic Muse (Khrome, Winter 2009), a seafoam turquoise metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well in two coats; it went on very smoothly over two coats of basecoat. It’s a good thing the formula is pigmented; it’s best to use as few swipes as possible because the more brush strokes you make, the more you open the mani up to cuticle drag. I think this is because the polish dries so fast so extra swipes of the brush drag along spots that are already dry. That’s also why it’s better to do thin coats, as thicker coats would dry too fast, which causes major bubbling. This sort of formula may be finicky but the payoff you get with the look of the finished mani is great. The shimmer is quite fine for a shimmery metallic but it does the big job of covering up brushstrokes and avoiding the dreaded frosty appearance. I love this color! It definitely stands out among the rest of the polishes in the collection, which are more neutral. It’s silver-toned, but unlike Sci-Fi, which was lavender-tinted but still mainly silver, this one is predominantly turquoise. It can shift between looking bluer or greener depending on the light. It makes me think of the sea and mermaids; it’s really pretty. I paired this with OPI We’ll Always Have Paris Suede with topcoat on my toes.