For the second half of the Olympics I have the second half of this metallic collection, starting with China Glaze Sci-Fi (Khrome, Winter 2009), a lavender-tinted silver metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and pigmented, giving full coverage in two coats. The double-layered basecoat method I’ve been using seems to be doing the trick; I get less bubbles with each polish I try from this collection. Any visible bubbles I get now are from the topcoat. I don’t like topcoat bubbles either, but I can tolerate them much more than bubbles from the polish itself (plus, topcoat makes polish bubbles disappear :)). This doesn’t look purple enough for me to call it lavender; it still falls under the silver category. At a quick glance this may look like a plain silver, but when compared side-by-side to a true silver you can clearly see it’s not. This is also a shade darker than your standard silver. I think the lavender tint may come from the shimmer. I love it; whenever I see a metallic polish that’s lavendery and silver I just automatically think “spacey.” It kind of reminds me of that silvery purple/green duochrome color combination. I paired this with Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede with topcoat on my toes.