Since this is an Olympic year, I’m taking the opportunity to wear some long-standing untried metallic polishes, specifically the ones from China Glaze’s Khrome collection. I thought it would be most appropriate to start with a gold, so up first is China Glaze 2030 (Khrome, Winter 2009), a neutral gold metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This didn’t apply as well as I thought it would.  The formula itself goes on easily and smoothly, but it isn’t exactly the near-flawless metallic finish I was expecting.  It’s not as brushstroke-y as other metallics, but it’s definitely not brushstroke-free. My first attempt turned out a horrible bubbly mess, so for my second go I put down two coats of basecoat to give the polish a really smooth surface to spread on. I still got some bubbles in the end but thankfully topcoat conceals them for the most part. I just don’t get along with metallics; they always bubble on me.  It is pigmented enough to be a one-coater, but I ended up using two. Application issues aside, I do love this shade of gold.  I like that it’s a more neutral to cool tone. My skin is yellow-toned but strangely I don’t like yellow golds on me as much as I feel it’s almost too much yellow. Though I’m not in love with the finish, it is much better than your standard metallic polish. Because it’s relatively less brushstroke-y, at a quick glance it really does look like metal on the nail. I’m still looking forward to trying the rest, to playing around with application techniques. I paired this with OPI OPI Ink Suede on my toes.