I haven’t tried as many neons this month as I’ve done in previous years, but I wanted to try one more before jumping into what I have planned for the Olympics. Illamasqua Stance (Human Fundamentalism, Spring 2012) is a neon purple creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This was well-pigmented for a neon and applied well in two smooth coats. I thought this was similar to other neon purples I own, and it is, since practically every neon purple has that sort of fuchsia tone to it. This one, however, manages to look more purple-toned than the others, at least, when I hold up the bottles side-by-side. It definitely looks purple in low light. It’s not so glowy, but I find that neon purples don’t reach the retina-searing levels that colors like yellow or pink do anyway. It’s still a true neon, though, drying to that telltale satin finish.  Illamasqua already has a neon yellowpink and orange, so I figured it was only a matter of time before they came out with a purple.  I’m glad to have this one, for being so slightly different than my other neon purples, and of course for its stellar formula.  I paired this with Orly Lemonade on my toes.