As I tend to do when my nails get long, I picked a polish that would be suited to more length. I also had one mood polish left untried, so it was the perfect time to finally try Claire’s Fabulous/Funky (Mood Nail Polish), a neon pink creme that’s cool-toned when cool, and warm-toned when warm:

Picture taken in natural light. Regrettably, the mood effect did not photograph well, but you can see what the cool shade looks like in the bottle. This applied well; I used three coats for full coverage. Since the color change is between two tones of the same color, the mood effect is subtle, but you can see it at times. When my mani was newly done, my free edge was noticeably cool-toned, though this became less perceptible with time. It definitely color-changes when I touch something cold, though! I don’t mind not seeing the cool shade as often, though, ’cause I love the warm shade! It’s so warm that it practically makes the cool shade look purple. This is a true neon, and it has a lovely glow, almost at retina-searing levels.  Even though I only took this photo in natural light, you can still tell how glowy it is. I paired this with Color Club The Lime Starts Here over white on my toes.