I was planning to wear this polish over the final weekend of the Championships, watching Novak Djokovic play to defend his crown in the title match. Sadly, I did not get the result I was hoping for in the semifinals, but in the spirit of all things British, I’ll wear the polish anyway. Nails Inc. Baker Street is a electric royal blue creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well in two coats. It can be prone to cuticle drag, but it’s still highly pigmented. I love this color! I think it may be my favorite true-blue creme, along with Illamasqua Force. The color looks perfectly rich and saturated, plus I didn’t expect it to be this bright! It’s more than just bright; it’s not exactly a neon, but it has this electric vibrancy to it, similar to what I saw in Illamasqua Jo’Mina. When I bought this polish I just knew I would end up using it during Wimbledon; I can’t think of anything else but the Union Jack when I look at it (I know the blue in that flag is closer to a navy, but I just automatically made that association with this color). I paired this with Essie Limited Addiction on my toes.

I’ve been taking these Djokovic-Nadal finals for granted, since that’s what we’ve had in the last four slams. But instead of No. 1 and No. 2 on Sunday, we’ll see No. 3, Roger Federer, vs. No. 4, Andy Murray. This is the first time that neither Djokovic nor Nadal have been in a slam final since the 2010 Australian Open, which was contested by none other than Federer and Murray. I remember that was a pretty embarrassing loss for Andy but I’m hoping that he can stop being so passive and actually beat Fed this time. I’m not a fan of Murray (since I’ve conditioned myself to root against him when he and Djokovic were closer in the rankings), but now I’m forced to root for him (side note: I feel weird saying “root for/against” ever since I found out what “root” means in Aussie slang) because I don’t want Federer to win and take back the No. 1 ranking. So on Sunday I’ll be hoping that Andy Murray can help preserve Novak Djokovic’s spot at the top! Oh, and also that he can win his first major so the press can finally stop talking about how he’s yet to win one. After Sunday it’s goodbye to Wimbledon, but not for long, since we’ll be seeing these courts again during the Olympics. 😀