I kept putting this polish off ’cause I’ve had issues with most satiny matte polishes I’ve tried so far, but I’m finally wearing it now. Orly Viridian Vinyl (Plastix, Fall 2010) is a bright greenish teal satin creme:

Picture taken in weak sunlight. This applied well, like a regular creme polish, in two coats. After a few minutes it starts drying to the satin finish. I actually love the leathery satin look, but only when it turns out smooth! Too often, I find that this sort of finish gets bubbly on me, so I have to work slowly and with thin coats. (I actually had to redo a couple of nails before taking this photo because there were too many bubbles.) I was afraid this wouldn’t last the day so after taking photos I threw on topcoat. It defeats the purpose of the finish but I’d like to go about my day without immediately messing up my nails. (I don’t know how long it takes these satin polishes to truly harden and set, but in the past I’ve messed up my nails even after waiting a considerable amount of dry time.) I still like the teal color so I didn’t mind sacrificing the vinyl look. I paired this with OPI Pamplona Purple on my toes.