While I’ve just worn a turquoise polish, the color comes in such a wide spectrum of shades that I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same color today. Color Club Blue-Ming (Blossoming, Spring 2012) is a bright pastel turquoise creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well and was pretty pigmented. The formula can be prone to cuticle drag, and I couldn’t quite get full, solid coverage in two coats, so I used three. This is now one of my favorite turquoises I own. It’s a very stark pastel so it has a lovely strong presence on the nail. I can say that about any good pastel creme, but this one is so bright that it almost crosses over into neon territory! I’m not inclined to call it a neon because the formula doesn’t behave like one, but there’s something about the color that’s really glowy. I don’t really like punny polish names, especially when it’s an inaccurate indicator of the color. This one is more of a green-leaning turquoise, and I already have another color in mind when I think of Ming dynasty ceramics. Whatever name is attached to this polish, I absolutely love it. Pastel turquoises are not unique, but this one definitely stands out among them. I paired this with Orly Hot Shot on my toes.