For the next of the blue/green shades from this collection, I have on China Glaze Kinetic Candy (Electropop, Spring 2012), a pale pastel turquoise creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. Although the formula was a little streaky, it applied well, and because of its thickness and high pigmentation, I got full coverage in only two coats. I absolutely love this; it’s so pretty and sweet-looking! It’s a blue-leaning turquoise; I think it has just a drop a green in it that makes it look turquoise and not baby blue. It has a sort of dusty appearance, but at the same time its stark pastel quality makes it look bright. “Stark” and “dusty” seem incongruous but somehow this polish has both qualities. As with other pastels, it really does make me think of candy. I paired this with Essie Lovie Dovie on my toes.