While I’ve neglected to do Roland Garros manis over the past two weeks, I’ve been watching the tournament intently. In support of Novak Djokovic (who came through two consecutive five-setters, saved four match points in his quarterfinal, and beat Federer in straights in his semifinal) in tomorrow’s dream final versus Rafa Nadal, I’m wearing Illamasqua Force (Body Electrics, Spring 2010), a bold, saturated blue creme:

Picture taken in natural light. This applied very well and was highly pigmented; I barely needed two coats for full coverage. In the bottle it looks like a rich, faded denim, and it stays that color…until topcoat is applied. As I applied my usual Poshe, I noticed it was completely changing the color! The finished mani is a totally different shade of blue, one that’s bolder, more vibrant, and a little darker. A beautiful brushstroke effect was also created, leaving barely-noticleable streaks of the “original” botttle color. I normally dislike brushstrokes and associate them with frosty metallics, but the brushstrokes on this creme make the finish look so pretty (I wish the effect translated to film!) Looking at my nails makes me think of an oil painting of a night sky. Not only is the shade of blue different before and after topcoat, it can look different depending on the lighting. In bright light it looks bright and saturated, like an International Klein Blue; in lower lighting situations it looks darker, almost navy-like. But in all lights it always looks bold and blue. I paired this with Essie Lacquered Up on my toes.