My nails are at that point where I want to file them, but before I do, I thought I would take advantage of the length by trying another mood polish. Claire’s Peaceful/Confident (Mood Nail Polish) is a bright teal creme that leans more blue when cool and more green when warm:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well in three coats. Even though it’s not exactly a neon, it dries to that sort of semi-matte finish, which is a plus because it does dry fast. I could not capture the color-changing on film, and it doesn’t really show up in real life either. I don’t mind, though, ’cause it’s a teal and I find it pretty anyway. The “mood-changing” aspect of it is disappointing, probably because the color-shifting takes place between two shades of the same color. I only really observed it as I was painting it on my nails; it went on as a more blue-teal then I saw it change into the green-teal (which is how it looks most of the time.) I paired this with Sally Hansen Azalea (Salon) on my toes.