I started this month with a pink creme, and I have one more to end it.  Illamasqua Obsess (Dystopia, Fall 2009) is a bright cool pink creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well; I tried to get away with two coats but I really needed three for a totally even look. I’ve said I prefer warm pinks, but I totally love this! In low lighting, it looks somewhat like Grab, but in the sun it looks absolutely amazing. It’s very bright, as bright as you can get without being a neon. Even though it doesn’t have a neon glow, it has that same sort of brilliant vibrancy I saw in Jo’Mina. It definitely stands apart from other pink cremes I have in my collection. It’s a girly color, but at the same time, it looks sexy and edgy (for lack of a better word). I paired this with Essie Pretty Edgy on my toes.