I feel like I’ve been wearing so much OPI lately that I wanted to break it up with a different brand. China Glaze Ahoy! (Anchors Away, Spring 2011) is a bright raspberry red- pink with pink and gold microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light. (I was sure I would get a window of sunlight but I had no such luck. I want to replace the photo but I see no sun in the forecast 😦 This lighting doesn’t even begin to convey just how gorgeous this polish is.) The base is a little jelly/glass fleck-ish so I used three coats to get a greater degree of opacity. I should have worn this on a sunny week, because it’s really sparkly! The microglitter has that look of just floating beneath the surface; the finish is absolutely gorgeous. I also love this shade of pink; it’s warm and borderline red (even redder than the photo depicts), and bright but also very rich. I’m trying it a year late and I’m glad I finally did, but I definitely should have checked this off my untrieds much sooner! This polish is just amazingly beautiful, and I can say that it’s one of my favorite pinks. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Gleek Out on my toes.