May is already a couple days old, but for my first new mani of the month, I wanted to get started with all the brights I have lined up to try. OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips (Holland, Spring 2012) is a bright hot pink creme:

Picture taken in natural light. This applied well, though I ultimately needed three coats for full, even coverage. This is a middling shade of pink; sometimes I look at it and it seems warm-toned, and other times it seems more cool-toned. But I do think it’s warmer-toned than the usual fuschia-leaning hot pinks. It’s not like I needed another hot pink in my collection, but it’s just so pretty and this collection is great. It is really bright and because I did three coats the color looks so saturated. It does remind me of flowers a bit, but it makes me think of Hello Kitty more. 🙂 I paired this with Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams on my toes.