Now that it’s April, I have lots of soft, light springy shades lined up. First up is a color I absolutely adore and haven’t worn in a while. American Apparel The Valley (Fall 2011) is a vibrant robin egg blue creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This was very pigmented, enough to be a one-coater, but it was a little streaky so I ended up needing two coats to even everything out. It did apply well, with a slightly runny formula like most other American Apparel polishes. I like how the shade is light yet bright and vibrant at the same time. When I look at it, sometimes it looks more green-toned and other times more blue-toned. I’m not sure why, but I keep thinking “retro” when I look at it. It’s so pretty! I pretty much say that about any robin’s egg blue; it’s one of the loveliest kinds of turquoise. I paired this with OPI Done out in Deco on my toes.