I’ve only been wearing pinks so far this month, so it’s about time I try a red.  American Apparel Lipstick (Fall 2011) is a medium-bright cherry red creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well; this is one of those cremes that has more of a clear jelly quality than a creamy opaque look, so I used three coats.  I don’t think I really needed to use three; it looked okay at two but I just wanted that extra opacity.  It’s not like I absolutely needed this in my collection, but it was a red creme so I still wanted it anyway. I would put this under the broad category of “dark reds” since it’s blue-based, but this shade falls under the brighter side of dark, if that makes sense.  Like it’s a little brighter than your typical, vampy-burlesque type dark red, but it’s not so bright that it looks summery (those tend to be orange-based anyway.)  The name is a great fit; I can imagine this being a shade of glossy red lipstick.  I paired this with OPI Ski Teal We Drop on my toes.