I’m kicking off a month of reds, pinks and romantically-named polishes with Illamasqua Loella, a bubblegum pink creme with very subtle pink shimmer:

Picture taken in natural light. This applied well; it went on pretty smoothly and was quite pigmented, but I used three coats to cover up some streakiness. It looks like a creme in this photo, and it pretty much looks like a creme under most lighting conditions. There is a lot of very fine pink shimmer in there, but it’s definitely more noticeable in the bottle. On the nail, you can just barely see it when you look under a bright light. I wish it was more apparent on the nail because it seems like a really pretty finish! I guess “secret shimmer” is really apt in this case. This shade of bubblegum pink leans slightly cool, and is light but bright at the same time (definitely not a pastel.) It’s so sweet-looking (and the name is sweet-sounding as well)! This probably matches one of the colors of those candy hearts. I paired this with MAC Peppermint Patti on my toes.