In anticipation of the Golden Globes tomorrow, I’ve picked a polish that, in name, is perfect for an occasion that celebrates both film and television on the same night.  China Glaze Tinsel Town (Let it Snow, Holiday 2011) is a dense silver glitter in a gunmetal base:

Picture taken in artificial light.  (This is one case where, in the absence of good sunlight, my artificial light photos turned out better than my natural light ones.)  Edit: I’ve replaced my original photo with a much better one taken in sunlight.  This is actually a completely new mani; the original popped clean off my nails after hours of cooking and washing up.  This applied well; for full coverage I first put down one thick coat, followed by a thinner second coat.  It’s hard to tell at a quick glance but there is small hexagonal glitter mixed in with the regular glitter.  Since the glitter is so dense, though, it all just blends together when looked at from a distance.  It’s great that this is able to reach opacity on its own, and with the dark base it almost looks like a layered mani.  Despite it being loaded with silver glitter, the gunmetal still comes through.  Best of all, it’s amazingly sparkly!  It’s perfect for getting me in the mood for awards season.  I paired this with Essie Over the Top on my toes.