To break up the monotony of vampy cremes, I’ve prepared shimmery or glittery polishes to wear over the weekends.  Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament (Magnetic Polish) is a silvery purple metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well; it was very pigmented and went on smoothly.  I followed the directions given, which were to apply one coat to all the nails, then, nail by nail, apply a second coat then hold the magnet over.  I do like that the cap has that little piece that I can rest on my finger to keep the magnet from actually touching the nail.  I’d wait a couple of extra minutes before applying topcoat, since it could smear the stripes.  This may be a metallic  polish, but it’s the shimmery kind, not the brushstoke-y frosty kind.  The magnetic effect does look really cool, revealing the lighter silver-purple shade against the darker.  It looks like there’s a permanent glint of light on my nails.  I got the trio of metallic polishes and now I can’t wait to try the rest!  I paired this with Milani Dot Com on my toes.