I have a slew of vampy polishes to try this month, and I’m just getting started.  Illamasqua Unnatural is a burgundy jelly-creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This takes three coats to build up in color and opacity, and I did extra tip-wrapping as a preemptive measure against tip pull, but it’s worth it.  The formula is buttery smooth and the end result looks great.  The color looks more red on the first coat, then gets progressively browner and deeper with each successive coat.  This isn’t one of those polishes you can get away with doing one sheer coat with, though.  Even with its good formula, until it’s opaque it looks a little streaky.  Still, the finish of the completed mani looks so glassy smooth.  I almost wish I had my long pointy oval nails back, ’cause this would make for a great vintage, burlesque-type mani.  It’s so deliciously vampy.  I paired this with Orly Enchanted Forest on my toes.