I thought it would be great to get back into my new polishes with a pretty holiday sparkler.  OPI Rainbow Connection (The Muppets, Holiday 2011) is multicolored hexagonal glitter of varying sizes in a clear base.  I put it over Illamasqua Boosh:

Picture taken in sunlight.  I used one coat of Boosh and two of Rainbow Connection.  I know these rainbow glitters pretty much look the same, but I can’t resist!  I have a few of them, but this is the first I’ve actually tried (and the last one I’ve acquired, natch.)  This seems to have three sizes of glitter, and the largest size is really big, making nice pops of color on the nail.  Over black, i just look at this as multicolored, but I guess it would look predominantly silver if worn on its own.  I think over black or some other dark shade is the way to go for this kind of polish; it just makes the colorful sparkle stand out that much more.  I paired this with OPI Let Me Entertain You on my toes.