Since the sun wasn’t out today I didn’t feel like putting on a shimmer or glitter.  I haven’t tried a creme since the beginning of the month anyway, so this is me not just trying an older polish, but revisiting an old trend as well.  RGB Cosmetics Minty (Holiday 2009) is a mint creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This actually applied pretty well.  It was nicely thick and pigmented; I got full coverage in two coats.  It is very solidly pigmented, but not pastel enough to be really stark.  I haven’t worn a mint in a while, so this was a refreshing color to try again.  I was quick to call this a mint green, but this doesn’t really look like a green to me; the shade is more like a minty greenish turquoise.  It reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, the commercial kind.  If I was one to do nail art I would paint in little chocolate chips. 🙂  I paired this with Essie Lollipop on my toes.