When I first heard the news that Nails Inc. would be coming stateside, I was excited for the polishes, but I was most looking forward to trying their signature Kensington Caviar topcoat:

Picture from Sephora.  I heard mostly positive reviews of this product so I picked it up.  (I was surprised that it only cost $10, actually, I was expecting it to be priced a couple of dollars higher.)  I was expecting to find an HG product, but unfortunately, I was rather disappointed by the results I got.  It applies pretty easily, and has a thin consistency, unlike quick-dry topcoats like Poshe and Seche Vite.  I can’t say for sure if it really dries in 45 seconds; I do my nails pretty slowly.  But I can say that by the time I finished with the last nail on a hand, the first one was dry, so it really does dry to the touch quickly.  However, “dry to the touch” is different than “hardened and set.”  My nails remained dentable long after I finished my mani (at least longer than I’m used to waiting after using my regular topcoat, Poshe).  Not only that, but I got bubbles all over every.single.nail!  It’s frustrating to see this happen after taking the time to paint.  I don’t even have a picture of that mani because I immediately removed it and redid my nails with Poshe.  (I used Nails Inc. Carnaby Street.)  Perhaps I shouldn’t have used such a finicky type of color for my first attempt, but I got similar, bubbly results when I tried it with other polishes (for pedis.)  I am looking forward to trying more of Nails Inc.’s polishes, and I’m on my second bottle of their Kensington Caviar basecoat, but my bottle of topcoat has since been returned.  I don’t doubt that this topcoat works well for some people; it just didn’t for me.