Thanksgiving is coming up, and it’s definitely been influencing my NOTD choices.  My last mani was drink-themed, and now I’ve chosen a dessert-themed polish.  Diamond Cosmetics Plum Pie in the Sky (Fall 2009) is a blue-toned dark purple creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This was nicely pigmented and applied smoothly in two coats.  It’s refreshing to see a dark purple creme that’s blue-toned, instead of the more typical red-toned, wine/vampy shades.  I love the name; it sounds so whimsical!  The shade doesn’t remind me of plum fruit (I think red-purple when I think “plum”)  but this looks like the color of Jelly Belly plum jelly beans, no?  I paired this with MAC Dance All Night on my toes.