After my last gorgeously sparkly NOTD, I went for something in the opposite direction.  Illamasqua Taint (Theatre of the Nameless, Fall 2011) is a dirty olive-brown satin creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (This is definitely a dirty brown, but the sunlight brings out the olive tones.)  This applied very well in two coats, but didn’t set as quickly as I expected it to, based on my great experience with Scorn.  I smudged a couple of nails I thought were dry so I had to redo them.  I know that sort of thing can be expected with a satin-finish polish but it’s still a pain to redo, ’cause of the extra waiting time.  Smudging issues aside, I am totally intrigued by this color.  It’s one of those jolie-laide, love it or hate it type of shades.   It’s dirty, murky and muddled, but I find it really flattering!  I feel like if it were scented, it would smell like earth.  I paired this with MAC Dry Martini on my toes.