I usually choose black or dark polishes for my Halloween-themed manis, but I like to throw in an orange, too.  Illamasqua Alarm is a fiery red-orange creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well, but I did need three coats for full, even coverage.  Illamasqua describes this as a pillar box red, but I always think of red-oranges as closer to orange than red.  Even though this has a strong fiery red tone, it’s still oranger (orangier?) than an orange-toned red.  Anyway, this is a lovely shade.  It’s bright, not really in the neon sense, but just that the color has a lot of impact.  I think this is my favorite red-orange creme, shade-wise, since it does have a lot of red.  I would have liked it even more if it could cover in two coats or less, but looking back at other similar polishes I’ve tried, they were at least three-coaters as well, so maybe it’s just something about the color.  I paired this with Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees on my toes.