So I don’t tire myself out on black/dark polishes, I’ve put on a color that is apparently making a comeback.  Plus I have lots of grey untrieds.  Illamasqua DWS is a cement grey creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied quite well in two coats.  Not perfectly buttery smooth, but very well nonetheless, as I can pretty much expect from Illamasqua.  I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t shake my bottle enough, but I see streaks of darker grey pigment against the lighter grey color.  It’s kind of looks marbled, but only in straight lines.  I’m not complaining about it, I actually like it!  It gives the finish an interesing visual texture, and it’s only really apparent when you look closely.  As far as shades of grey go, this is a nice middle shade, and would be a great staple in a collection.  It’s not too dark or too light, and doesn’t really lean cool or warm.  I tried looking up what “DWS” means and I figure it refers to the law firm formerly known as Denton Wilde Sapte LLP, (it was still called that when the polish was released) based in London.  I paired this with Sally Hansen Gray by Gray (Complete Salon Manicure) on my toes.