Ever since I bought this particular shatter polish I knew I would use it to paint a Yankees-themed mani.  As an homage to their pinstriped home uniform, I layered OPI Navy Shatter over Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear:

Left hand:

Right hand:

Pictures taken in sunlight.  Underwear doesn’t have that magical RBL formula; it’s thick and definitely needs a self-leveling topcoat, but for layering purposes I was able to get away with just one coat.  And this shade of white is very, very bright.  I don’t have that many, but this is my favorite crackle polish I’ve tried so far, because the colors stand out from each other and I got so much crackling on every single nail!  The formula was smooth, which helped me spread the polish over the nail easily, and not thick, which helped me paint quickly.  I keep looking at my nails because I’m so happy with the result!  I love it even more since it makes me think of the Yankees. 😀  Since yesterday’s game was suspended due to rain, I’ll be wearing this through games 1-3.  I paired this with Orly Pixie Dust on my toes.