I’ve been neglecting baseball lately, but in honor of the 2011 MLB Postseason starting tomorrow, I’m wearing the first of my Posteason Blues™.  As a Yankee fan, even though we lost the last game of the regular season to Tampa Bay, I’m quite alright with how the AL Wild Card race turned out. 😉  Despite its name, Borghese Plumaggio Purple (Fashionista, Spring 2010) is an inky blurple shimmer:

Picture taken in artificial light.  (I often complain that some polishes photograph too blue, but not this time!  Actually, I think this looks a little bluer than the photo reflects.)  This applied well in two coats, but I think I would’ve had an easier time with a better brush.  The name is misleading; I wouldn’t look at this and think “purple” at all.  It’s blurple at the very least, and it’s a blurple that leans very much on the side of blue.  It’s not a true blue, but it’s so strongly blue-toned that consider it blue enough for my Postseason Blues™.  Something I always like seeing in inky polishes like this are the different colors of shimmer.  The red and blue shimmers create a beautiful, interesting contrast.  Whatever color it is, it’s deep and gorgeous; it’s nice to close out September with another great jewel tone.  I’m hoping to wear many more blues next month, though!  I paired this with Barielle Lava Rock on my toes.