For the last weekend in September and my first new mani of the fall, I chose another lovely, lovely jewel-toned polish.  Illamasqua Baptiste is a royal purple shimmer:

Picture taken in artificial light.  (How I wish I had sunlight for this NOTD, but artificial light was the next-best option ih this shady weather.)  This applied well; gliding on effortlessly in two coats.  This is an amazing shade.  It doesn’t lean too blue or too red, it’s just a perfectly balanced, rich, velvety purple.  It’s deep enough to create that lit-from-within effect, yet it doesn’t venture into almost-black territory.  The shimmer shows up beautifully in the light.  The whole look, from the gorgeous color to the stunning finish, is very elegant and sexy.  C’est magnifique!  I paired this with Wet n Wild Morbid (Craze) on my toes.