The weather’s gotten significantly colder, which is truly putting me in the fall spirit, nail polish-wise (even though it’s not technically Autumn yet.)  Estée Lauder Extravagant Night (Holiday 2010) is a plum base with rose and champagne microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  (I wish I had sunlight because it gives me crisper pictures, but it looks like I’ll have no such luck all week.)  The plum base was kind of sheer so I used two coats plus touchups for full coverage (If I hadn’t done the touchups, it would’ve definitely been a three-coater, though.)  But that dark, sheer-ish base allows the microglitter to come through beautifully.  I love the color combination of the plum, rose and champagne; it makes for a very glamorous overall look.  The name is a perfect fit!  I paired this with Essie It’s Genius on my toes.