I’m continuing this run of brilliant jewel tones with Essie Dive Bar (this is going to be part of the Holiday 2011 collection, but I got my bottle when it was still a retail exclusive), a deep teal shimmer with purple duochrome:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (The teal color looks a bit greener in real life, but my camera did capture a little bit of the purple-ness, on the index finger.)  The formula was a little runny and cuticle-draggy, but it still applied well in two coats.  This caught my eye because I can’t resist a rich, dark teal.  When I picked up the bottle, I saw purple at the edges.  It looked awesome, but thought it would be something that wouldn’t translate to the nail.  When looking at my nails straight-on, I only see teal.  But when I tilt my nails, it changes to a bluish royal purple.  I didn’t expect this to be a legit duochrome, so that was a nice surprise.  Duochrome qualities aside, I do love that deep, gorgeous teal.  It’s deep but not too dark, yet it still has that lit-from-within quality.  I can see why Essie is sort of repromoting this; it’s a stunning must-have!  I paired this with Essie Sexy Divide on my toes.