If I was already unbelievably happy after Saturday, I’m even more so after yesterday!  I’m not just happy that Nole won his first US Open, taking three out of the four slams this year (he now has four career slams),  and adding another trophy to make ten titles won just this year so far (his match record now stands at 64-2).  I was just amazed at the high quality of the final, with amazing shotmaking and many intense rallies that had me going crazy.  I don’t even know how many times I must’ve said “Idemo,” “Ajde” or “Ajmo” (that’s about half of my Serbian vocabulary) over the course of that match.  Even though that was the last slam, the season’s not nearly over.  I’m really looking forward to the last couple of months to see what Nole will do to add to his amazingly unreal season. 😀

For the rest of September, I have more gorgeous jewel-toned polishes lined up.  Estée Lauder Ultra Violet (Bronze Goddess, Spring 2010) is a deep reddish violet with pinkish-purple microglitter:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well and was more opaque than I expected.  I managed to get away with doing two coats with minor touchups in between instead of three full coats.  Even then, those touch-ups might not have been necessary; I did them preemptively to assure I wouldn’t have any bald spots after two regular coats.  The formula is opaque enough to get complete coverage in two-ish coats, yet still sheer enough to show off the way the glitter is suspended in there (even in the shade).  Of course, it looks amazing in the sun; the light really brings out that beautiful microglitter.  The overall finish is quite jewel-like and is lovely to look at.  Plus, this ice cube-like bottle is interesting, too.  I paired this with Essie Damsel in a Dress on my toes.