I got some last-minute tickets to see tonight’s night session on Ashe, featuring Novak Djokovic and his compatriot, the lovely Ana Ivanovic.  I don’t usually wear the same type of color two manis in a row, but I just had to put on another navy.  China Glaze Midnight Mission (Vintage Vixen, Fall 2010) is a midnight blue with silver and blue microglitter:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This was highly pigmented and applied very well; I barely needed two coats for full coverage.  The finish is intensely sparkly, but since it’s a microglitter it’s completely smooth, not gritty at all.  This.is.gorgeous! I actually said “wow” when I first looked at it in the sun to photograph it.  As deep and dark as the color is, it still always looks blue.  I like that there’s some blue microglitter in addition to the silver microglitter, it gives the look a more interesting dimension.  This is how I imagine a clear, starry night sky should look, absolutely breathtaking.  I paired this with China Glaze Jitterbug on my toes.