For this year’s US Open my manis will reflect the colors on the kits of the #1 and #2 players in the world (and two of my favorites), Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.  I was able to find previews for what their kits would look like, even before they play their first matches.  I’ll start with an accent color from Rafa’s bright Nike ensemble.  Nails Inc. Carnaby Street is a taxicab yellow creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  As expected from a yellow, it was streaky, but actually applied pretty well.  I used three coats.  I found the formula a little prone to bubbles, though, so it’s best not to rush your application.  Pictured here is actually my second attempt at this mani (through no fault of the polish.)  I removed my first attempt after using Nails Inc.’s own Kensington Caviar topcoat rendered it a horrible, bubbly mess.  Sometimes I don’t bother to redo a nail when there’s some bubbling, but I had rough bubbles all over every single one of my nails; I couldn’t stand to look at them.  For my second attempt I stuck with Poshe.  (I’ll write a full review of the Kensington Caviar topcoat after I get the chance to try it out with different polishes.)  Anyway, back to the NOTD.  At first I was hesitant about buying another bright, happy yellow, especially because the color doesn’t lend itself to the best application.  But looking at my finished mani, I see that there’s something a little different about this one.  The shade is still bright, but just a touch darker than other similar shades I own.  This makes it look closer to true taxicab yellow in my eyes.  I paired this with OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui on my toes.