When they’re nice and opaque, I do like seeing softer shades in summer collections; it’s refreshing.  Essie Absolutely Shore (Summer 2011) is a pale seafoam green creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  Although streaky, it actually applied pretty well.  I used three perfectly manageable coats for a solid, even finish.  This looks so striking!  It’s very whited-out, but the green tone is still obvious.  I like that this is a pale green that’s not a mint.  Mint pastels make me think of sweets; this makes me think of the sea.  It looks so stark yet calming at the same time; I imagine this would make a great wall paint color.  The paleness gives the overall apperance a delicate quality, and the starkness makes it look extra crisp.  I love it when a polish looks really defined on the nail.  I paired this with Sephora by OPI How Cute is That? on my toes.