I was trying out softer shades, but I still want to take care of more of my untrieds from this year’s spring and summer collections, and this is one of the brighter ones.  Essie Braziliant (Summer 2011) is a glowing orange with pink shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This was very pigmented and applied quite well in two coats.  This turned out to be another nice surprise for me; I like it so much better than I originally thought I would.  It’s beautiful!  It’s not just a regular orange shimmer; it’s so much more than that.  Normally I wouldn’t pair orange manis with pink pedis (and vice versa) since they’re not complementary colors, but the pink shimmer works perfectly well in this orange base, and gives the overall shade a bit of a pinky-tangerine tone.  I also wasn’t expecting the finish to be so glowy!  (Not in the neon kind of way, but the lit-from-within kind of way.)  It makes me think of a gorgeous sunset.  I paired this with Sephora by OPI Skinny Jeans on my toes.