I’m really enjoying the switch to softer colors so far!  I think it’s great when I come across a polish that I end up loving way more than I thought I would (it’s definitely better than the opposite case); this is such a time.  China Glaze Sea Spray (Anchors Away, Spring 2011) is a dusty powder blue with fine pearly shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (It doesn’t look quite so pastel in real life.  The color is light, but it’s a dustier, softer shade.)  Like Pelican Gray, this applied smoothly and was pigmented enough to only need two coats.  This polish is absolutely breathtaking.  This soft, dusty shade of blue is so pretty; it’s a color that goes so well with the delicate shimmer.  I love this pearly kind of shimmer; when it’s incorporated into a good, pigmented formula it creates a lovely effect.  It’s only a subtle sheen, but it’s noticeable enough to look like more than just a creme.  I think the name is perfect; I totally picture a delicate sea mist when I look at this.  Again, it looks calming and very romantic.  I paired this with OPI Hot & Spicy on my toes.