I thought it was fitting to end my streak of neons with a real retina-searer.  American Apparel Neon Yellow (Neon, Summer 2011) is a neon highlighter yellow creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied fine; I could manage the formula well but I ended up needing four coats for full, even coverage.  Next time I try this (and a couple of others from this collection), I’ll use it over white, but seeing as it can build to opacity I wanted to see what it looked like on its own first.  This feels a little strange to say but this is more yellow than I thought it would be; I expect neon highlighter yellows to have a little more green in them.  It’s probably just as well that this looks different than the others I have in my collection.  While it is very glowy (I don’t see how this color can’t be), it doesn’t stand up to my favorite neon, Illamasqua Rare.  I paired this with Essie Perky Purple on my toes.