When I first caught wind of this collection, I was most excited to try this polish, as red cremes are my favorite to wear and I also love neons.  I didn’t quite get what I was expecting but I’m still happy with the result.  American Apparel Neon Red (Neon, Summer 2011) is a neon reddish coral creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (This looks just a little bit more pink in real life.)  This applied well, although I needed three coats for even coverage.  I think the formula is like a really opaque jelly, not the most pigmented but definitely not sheer.  The finish has this juicy, fruity look to it.  At the same time, it has that lovely neon glow. 🙂  Funny how American Apparel went about naming some of the colors in this collection.  This doesn’t really look red, this one is the one that looks coral to me (while Neon Coral looked orange and Neon Orange was practically goldenrod yellow.)  I do love this color; it’s like a reddish-orange hot pinky-coral blend that’s perfect for summer, even more so with its neon glow.  But I am disappointed that it isn’t actually red.  A neon pin-up red-red is something I’d definitely like to see, if it can be done.  I paired this with Essie Aruba Blue on my toes.