Even though I already have a few neon purples, I didn’t want to pass this up, especially after seeing this whole neon collection lined up in the display.  American Apparel Neon Violet (Neon, Summer 2011) is a neon purple creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied very well, easier than the other ones I’ve tried so far.  That’s probably because neon purple pigment creates a smoother formula than orange/yellow neon pigment.  It was practically a one-coater; it looked decently opaque and even in a single coat, but I used two for a stronger color payoff and more solid opacity.  This shade of neon purple looks more purple than others I’ve tried before.  It’s still a warm shade, but this one doesn’t seem to be as overwhelmed by fuchsia tones.  (It may not be that apparent in this photo, but when I swatched a bunch of neon purples next to each other on paper, this one seemed purpliest.)  It’s enough of a variation for me, and the great formula makes this a winner.  I paired this with Essie Funky Limelight over white on my toes.