I’ve been wearing a lot of neons lately, and I think they work so well under crackle polishes, so I wanted to try more.  I layered OPI Turquoise Shatter, a vibrant blue-green shimmer, over Color Club MODern Pink (Poptastic, Spring 2010), a neon highlighter pink creme:

Left hand:

Right hand:

Pictures taken in sunlight.  (The crackle polish looks a little more green than the photos reflect.)  MODern Pink applied well, needing three coats for full, even coverage.  I’m guessing it’s because it’s a shimmer, but I had an easier time working with Turquoise Shatter than the cremes, Black Shatter and Red Shatter.  I’m disappointed that it didn’t crackle that much, but I think that’s because I laid it on too thick.  Still, I love these colors together.  The “Turquoise Shatter” is more of a bright blue-green teal than a true turquoise.  I’ve done tons of mani/pedi combos with these kinds of shades so I thought this highlighter pink would be perfect against the vibrant teal.  The look makes me think of Jem for some reason; it just seems like a truly outrageous ’80s color combo to me. 😉  I also love the contrast of finishes, with the bright, glowy neon creme peeking out from under the sparkly shimmer.  It’s very striking!  I paired this with Sephora by OPI Shopping Frenzy on my toes.