Now that I’ve finished Color Club’s 2011 neon offerings, I’m moving on to another brand’s.  American Apparel Neon Orange (Neon, Summer 2011) is a neon yellow orange creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  (Pardon the bubbles!)  This actually applied better than I expected; I had easy enough control over the formula, which was thick but runny.  (I’ve come to expect this from most American Apparel polishes so it was no surprise.)  It’s very pigmented, so I knew I would get an opaque, solid result, but I needed three coats to cover up streaks.  It’s so refreshing to see more and more of these yellow orange type neons; it’s a change of pace from the standard traffic cone orange neon.  I’ve heard this color being described as looking like radioactive artificial cheese powder (indeed it does, it’s glowy like a proper neon), but it also reminds me of kumquats or cape gooseberries, yum!  I paired this with Essie Bright Tights over white on my toes.