I love wearing neons in the summer.  Most of the ones I own are cremes, so I thought neon glitters would be a great addition to my collection.  Color Club Glitter Envy (Starry Temptress, Summer 2011) is a neon green packed with holographic glitter:

Picture taken in sunlight.  The formula was a little thick, but that was expected, given the amount of glitter in there.  But for this type of finish, the polish was actually fairly easy to control.  There was a little cuticle drag but with the slightly thick formula and the pigmentation of the neon, I got full coverage in only two coats.  Despite the fact that this has holographic glitter, the holographic quality does not come out.  The idea of a glitter that isn’t sparkly doesn’t sound very appealing, but the finish just looks so cool.  As you can see, the glitter is absolutely loaded in there!  What really sold me on getting these is the fact that despite the saturation of glitter, the finished mani looks and feels totally smooth after one coat of topcoat.  It’s amazing that the formula doesn’t eat the glitter up; I hate when a finish looks lumpy and bubbly because of glitter.  Not only is the glitter saturated, but the color is too.  It’s a typical neon green-green, very glowy.  I paired this with Milani Digital on my toes.