I thought a color that matches tennis balls would be perfect to wear during the final weekend of Wimbledon.  I’m so excited to watch two of my favorite players (and the two best players in the world right now), Novak and Rafa, square off in the final tomorrow.  Color Club Get Your Lem-on (Wicked Sweet, Summer 2011) is a highlighter yellow neon shimmer with green flash:

Picture taken in sunlight.  Oddly, the formula was not thin, but it was rather sheer.  It was actually pretty easy to control, but it was streaky.  I needed four coats, plus touchups, to reach a sufficient level of opacity.  It’s a thick-looking mani, but it’s worth it.  I absolutely love neon highlighter yellow, and this is the first I’ve tried that’s a shimmer.  The green flash adds an alienlike glow to an already retina-searing type of color.  Admittedly, because of the number of coats I had to do, I probably wouldn’t have wanted this if it wasn’t a scented polish.  It smells awesome!  It’s a sweet, lemony scent.  I love lemon-scented toiletries so it’s no surprise that I keep smelling my own nails.  Like the Revlon scented polishes, the scent is strong enough to permeate through topcoat, but not strong enough that it would clash with perfume.  I can only really smell it when I have my hands close to my face.  I paired this with Color Club Pucci-licious on my toes.