For the ladies’ and gentlemens’ semifinal days, I’m wearing the last of the polishes from this collection, Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H. (The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty, Fall 2010), named for Henry’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard.  It’s a dusty, deep denim blue with purplish-pink, sky blue and gold shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  It applied easily and very well in two coats, but it didn’t go on as effotlessly as Catherine and Anne.  Although all three look quite similar in finish, the formula of Catherine H. is a little thicker.  I think it’s because the shimmer in it is bigger, closer to a microglitter, even.  Unlike the other polishes from this collection, where the gold shimmer is the most prominent, here it’s the pink shimmer that’s most noticeable.  I think pink and blue are very complementary, and it’s great that there’s a different shade of blue shimmer in the mix.  The whisper of gold shimmer keeps the finish looking regal.  The different colors of shimmer are pretty, especially sitting in this gorgeous blue base.  It’s a shade of blue that’s a little dusty and powdery, yet also deep and rich.  When I read the “Wedgwood blue” description on RBL’s site, I thought it was perfect.  It really makes me think of fine stoneware.  I absolutely loved this collection; my only complaint is that there aren’t two more polishes in it.  But I guess another “Jane” and another “Catherine” would be a bit redundant.  Oh, Henry!  I paired this with Barielle Daring Dahlia on my toes.