There actually isn’t any match play today, but tomorrow will be “the greatest day in tennis,” with all 32 remaining players in the gentlemen’s and ladies’ singles draws in action.  I took a look at the schedule of play and there is so much going on, I think I’ll be watching a couple of matches at a time.  Next up chronologically in this set of English-themed polishes is Rescue Beauty Lounge Anne (The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty, Fall 2010), named for Henry’s second wife, Anne Boleyn.  It’s a burnt olive green with gold and pinkish-purple shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  As expected, this applied very well in two coats.  It’s so refreshing to use a polish whose formula just goes on so smoothly and exactly where you want it to go.  This polish is brilliant.  I love the smoky olive color, and again, the different colors of shimmer work really well together.  The gold, which is predominant, warms up the color and gives the polish an antiqued, tarnished-looking finish.  The pinkish-purple is a unique addition that keeps things interesting.  This really is just like a fine, velvety fabric, but in polish form; it’s awesome.  I paired this with Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud (HD) on my toes.