This color doesn’t seem very seasonal but since Wimbledon is going on I thought it would be the perfect time to finally try the polishes from this collection.  I’m very interested the history of Henry VIII and his wives, and I absolutely loved The Tudors (the show wasn’t entirely historically accurate, but it was lovely eye candy. ;))  I’m wearing the polishes in the order that their namesakes married the king, so first up is Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine (The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty, Fall 2010), named for Henry’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon.  It’s a deep smoky purple with gold, pink, and turquoise shimmer:

Picture taken in artificial light.  (In the spirit of Wimbledon, the weather here is just like that at the All England Club…rainy.  So no good natural light for this one.)  This applied very, very well in two coats.  It’s been entirely too long since I’ve used a RBL; I’ve missed using a polish that practically applies itself.  The different colors of shimmer make the finish look more dimensional than a regular purple shimmer.  The gold gives off an antique charm, and the pink and turquioise are a nice surprise, but work well in the mix.  This shade of purple (grurple?) has gotten so popular and I can see why; I love its smoky, greyed quality.  All in all, this polish is gorgeous and velvety; it makes me think of those rich, expensive fabrics the ladies at the king’s court wore.  I paired this with butter LONDON Thames on my toes.